USACE Air Barrier and Air Leakage Services

Licensed Air Barrier Field Auditors. Systems Building Envelope Consultants is one of the First Companies Certified in the Science of Air Leakage Testing. Hire a Certified Air Barrier Tightness Testing Consultant

As a licensed Air Barrier Field Auditor, Systems Building Science specialists are familiar with the newly enacted U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) air barrier testing and diagnostic requirements. We have been retained across the country for construction consulting, air barrier plan review, air barrier testing and diagnostic building evaluations in compliance with the USACE air barrier performance testing. In fact, Paul Beavers, our senior building science specialist, is one of the contributors to the pending revised USACE Building Performance Testing Protocol—the guide for testing companys nationwide. The ABAA Whole Building Air Tightness Testing Committee which formed the revised protocol is currently working on creating an ASTM standard for Building Air Tightness Testing.

Services our firm provides that are commonly requested in the RFP’s for USACE projects are as follows:

We are also qualified Building Analysts through the widely recognized Building Performance Institute (BPI) and have been properly trained for the air tightness testing protocols per the requirements of the USACE.

We encourage our clients to establish the proper air barrier(s) at the design stage. We offer design and peer review, site visits to verify compliance, ASTM E 783-02 as confidence tests prior to performing the building air tightness testing in general accordance with ASTM E 1827 (2002) and ASTM E 779 (2003).

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